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Heeft u interesse in onze stalen binnen deuren? Of heeft u een andere vraag? Plan vandaag nog een adviesgesprek in voor persoonlijk advies of vraag een offerte aan via de configurator. Wij staan elke dag voor u klaar. Let op, bezoek is alleen op afspraak.

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Adviesgesprek inplannen

Liever een persoonlijk gesprek waarbij we u advies geven op basis van uw situatie? Plan dan een geheel vrijblijvend adviesgesprek in. 

Adviesgesprek inplannen

In order to offer you a clear offer, we need a number of principles from you. We would like to know what type of steel door you want. Do you want a single or a double door, with or without side panels? You will then be given the choice of the number of windows, the type of hinge and type of door fitting and the color in which we will powder coat the doors and frames.


Quotation request

First you request a quote via our quote tool. Here you choose the combination of the steel door, the number of surfaces, the hinge and the door fitting. You can also enter the measurements that you have measured yourself. This is the basis from which we will calculate. In principle, you will receive the correct price for your door and frame, unless we observe deviating sizes when measuring.


Commissioning and measuring the doors

If you like the quote, we will be happy to visit you to measure the dimensions of the frame and the door. Then we will immediately go through all the details of the door and frame with you so that you know what we are talking about.


To draw

After approval of all details, we will work on the design and drawing for you. You will receive the drawing in PDF for checking the design and the sizes. After your approval, we will produce the door and frame.



The production of our steel frames and doors is custom-made. Each project is only realized after your agreement. That is why we have agreed a delivery date with you and do not deliver from stock.



By preserving the door and frame, we mean the finishing of the steel with a two-layer powder coating. Powder coating gives the steel a nice durable finish. Powder coating is also a method in which the environment is relatively unaffected.



As a final phase, we will assemble the frame and doors at your home or office. We deliver the whole placed and tidy to you.